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Families for Life

In our world today there are 143 million children who have lost one or both parents.  That is almost one half of the population of the United States. Families for Life is our desire to mobilize the church to care for the world’s orphans.  

There are three legs to our Families For Life Ministry: (1) Foster Care, (2) Adoption, (3) World Orphans.  

Foster Care

The goal of Families For Life is to provide temporary care for children with the ultimate aim of reuniting them with their biological family, while finding an adoptive family for those whom reunification is not an option. Whether you’re interested in being a Foster Parent or a part of a Wrap-Around Support System there is a place for you to serve in Families For Life.


The goal of Families For Life is to be a bridge to a variety of faith-based adoption organizations that specialize in local or international orphans or foster-to-adopt.

World Orphans

The goal of Families For Life is to mobilize the church to partner with orphanages, feeding and educational programs overseas.

If you have questions about our Families For Life please email our Life Church team or call (469) 537-8651 and talk to someone in our office.