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After Christ's life and ministry he left a specific assignment to the disciples and to the church - the command to spread the good news of Jesus Christ around the world.  To "go into all the world" is not just an outdated saying or designed for a select few.  It's not a recommendation and it's not an option.  That is a specific instruction that should shape our life.  It should change the way we listen to the evening news and affect the way we pray.

How about you?  When was the last time you supported financially a missionary? Or you spent a week of vacation time on a missions trip? Or you talked about a missions project with your children?
At Life Church we are committed to being a part of World Missions around the world. From monthly support to missionaries on five continents to special missions projects and missions trips.  

If you have questions about our Global Involvement please email our Life Church team or call (469) 537-8651 and talk to someone in our office.

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